Success Stories

bruce sarasota

Bruce is 54 years old and “graduated” high school in 1976.  Unlike children today who are protected by IDEA, Bruce did not receive the benefit of “mainstreaming” with typically developing students, pre-vocational supports, life skills training and/or career supports to help him transition into some level of supported employment upon his graduation in the mid-70s’.  Instead, Bruce went home.  He was isolated and frustrated watching his peers/community progress over more than two decades while he sat at home without any meaningful activity or training.  Then five years ago, Bruce was referred to UCP of Southwest Florida in Sarasota.  Since that time, Bruce has received training in daily living skills – particularly budgeting.  It is Bruce’s goal to master his personal budget and to find a place of his own to live in the community.  While looking for an affordable independent living apartment, Bruce now trains other people with developmental disabilities.  He helps them learn the daily living skills and pre-vocational tools that had once been denied him.  Staff at UCP of Southwest Florida are very proud of how far Bruce has come, but no one is more proud of Bruce than his own mother.  He calls her routinely to keep her updated on each milestone on his road to independence.  Bruce is a role model for what can be accomplished by people with developmental disabilities when given the supports and training needed to help them live as independently as possible in the community.